Spas For Health and Fitness

Spa is a wonder word which instantly brings in mental images of cool, healthy and relaxing destinations. The Oxford dictionary defines a spa as a place with mineral springs and believed to have health benefits. Spas have been popular since ancient times, with the only exception that the facilities were limited to either the royals or the rich. Considering the amount of money which is involved, modern day times seem to have followed the trend of catering only to the rich.

There seems to be a huge variety of the outdoor spas, like the Medical, Health, Resort, Day, Destination, Mineral springs and so on.

Medical Spa
A medical spa is the one which deals with medical treatments by qualified medical practitioners, for specific ailments. For example an Ayurvedic Medical Spa concentrates on treating Arthritis, Paralysis, Slip disc and other disorders. Some others may have Botox treatment, Laser therapy and may deal solely with Skin treatment and cosmetic procedures.

Health Spas
The terms Health and Medical Spa though seemingly similar, entail different procedures. A health spa is where the emphasis is on overall health and well being, a place to rejuvenate and relax. Stress is a constant companion of modern day life. People get bogged down by the tight schedules and increasing demands of the modern, jet set lifestyle. These visitors are in otherwise good health and simply looking forward to a break in their busy schedules to enjoy some pampering and relaxation.

Resort Spa
The setting is usually in a hotel and it provides staying facilities for the intended visitors. Resort spas are a convenient way for families and business travelers to spend some time in the comfort and professional service of the spas. Typically located in a green and healthy locale, Resort spas often are touted as an important tourist attraction of any given destination.

Day Spa
Day spas offer massages, pedicure, manicure and other cosmetic treatments. The visitor spends the whole day over here and is taken good care of by the spa staff. Sauna baths, hot oil massages, medicated oil massages and a menu which caters not only to the taste buds but also to the health, are all facilities offered.
Day spas are quite an efficient and hassle free way to get some regular rejuvenating treatment and to fight away stress.

Mineral Spring Spa
As the name itself is suggestive, Mineral spas deal with Hydrotherapy. Visitors are provided mineral or spring water baths. Mineral baths are used as curative therapy for various skin ailments like Psoriasis, Eczema or certain dermatitis. The hot thermal spas benefit patients with Rheumatoid arthritis, respiratory disorders, and disorders of the locomotive system and a load of other general disorders. The Mineral spring spa could either be man made or located in a locale blessed with natural mineral water geysers or springs.

Useful Tips For Health and Fitness

Health conscious people are committed to maintain their health and fitness levels on all counts against all odds. But at times, they even tend to lapse and get slightly off track from their fitness goals. At this juncture, staying motivated and committed towards their health and fitness has to be top on the list.

You could begin with reiterating your fitness goals to yourself. You could always have an idol set for yourself. It could be a sportsperson or a celebrity who has kept in shape over a period of years. You could even chalk out a fitness plan for yourself and work your way towards it. Daily monitoring of your fitness schedules, dos and don’ts can be effectively done through a daily diary.

The daily diary writing exercise takes just a few minutes and makes you even more committed to staying right on dot of your fitness schedule. You could even jot down your moods and whims, your cravings and lapses in the fitness schedules as and when you click or miss a particular fitness goal.

Make sure you have got a well balanced diet plan all chalked out for you. The diet plan should accommodate all the required nutrients in balanced quantities. In case of shortage of any one of them say vitamins, proteins or carbohydrates, you are very much likely to feel negative emotions and emotional upswings.

It helps if you have a friend, partner or a colleague who joins you in the fitness program. You can enroll yourself in a local gymnasium or any exercise class. You could even form your own group and discuss each other views, happenings and fitness results. These go a long way in making you stay motivated and enthusiastic about progressing towards your fitness goals and targets.

For every small achievement of your goal you could reward yourself with a small gift or a treat which you find affordable and agreeable. This initiative goes a long way in prepping you up and move towards your fitness goals all along.

Working under stress and pressure has its own drawbacks and disadvantages. There is no point in working hard and earning well if you do not enjoy good health or face recurring health and medical issues. Besides earning and working hard to enjoy a better lifestyle, it pays to be healthy and fit. Do take out time for staying healthy and fit for that’s the best way to enjoy a fruitful and satisfying life.

Staying Healthy and Fit The time is right to get back into shape and healthy. Begin to stay healthy and fit by opting for the right food and right exercise. Check out on the latest diet tips, health tips and ways to exercise for healthy living.Know More about Fitness Tips

Different Career Paths in the Health and Social Care Industry

Health and social care relates to services which involves helping and assisting those who need extra care and support due to disability, old age, illness and poverty. Local authorities and private organisations with an aim to help them lead a normal life and keep their independence and dignity provide these services.

There are a range of vocational and academic courses like GNVQ, A-Level and S/NVQ, which can be pursued to qualify as a care provider. Subjects involved in health and social care studies are sociology, biology, law, ethics and nutrition that cover every aspect of issues that carers deal with. Those who pursue this line of study get hands on experience through work placements alongside their studies in nurseries; care homes, hospitals and other related establishments.

Various jobs in the health and social care industry are categorised into:

Care Assistant Jobs – Varies according to the nature of the job and is further classified into-

Personal Care Assistant or PCA – Assist people with disability and illness in their day-to-day activities within or outside their homes.

Emergency Care Assistant or ECA – Assist qualified paramedics and medical technicians in accidents and emergency’s. Responds to emergency calls and usually the first responder who observes patients vital signs and take necessary information at the scene.

Ambulance Care Assistant or ACA – Assist in transporting patients to and from the hospital and also admits, transfers and discharges patients. Helps patients to get to their appointments and make sure that they are settled after transporting them back home. Maintaining constant contact with control room when out and about and updating the team with any changes. Responsible for routine check-up and maintenance of allotted hospital vehicle.

Care Home Jobs – Duties involve coordinating care and resources, house cleaning, maintaining personal hygiene, making meals and health improvement activities and exercises.

Community Care Jobs – Provide aid and access to patients based on their personal care plan. Assist in personal hygiene, toilet functions, prescriptions, diet monitoring, attending medical appointments, walking, and exercising, shopping, pension collection, reading, writing and providing companionship.

Nursing Jobs – This role involves a range of duties and a broad scope of responsibility. The job involves working closely with the health care team and administering the prescribed treatment, medication and care given by physicians. Since the role involves close contact and interaction with patients, nurses are expected to have a calming personality and the ability to aid in the recovery process.